10 Best Scrapbook Tools (That Are Not Made for Scrapbooking)

I love the look of those organized Pinterest craft rooms, where every single tool, bin and box match -- but you can spend an awful lot getting that perfect look. I'd rather spend that money on supplies, so I use some alternative tools that work just as well (and sometimes better) than the branded ones sold specifically for paper crafts. Here are a few things I use every day, some are just from around the house, others are from the health and beauty aisle at Target.

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Eyelash Applicators

I got eyelash extensions last year (I love them!) and noticed the lash lady had some super tiny cotton swabs. It turns out, these are for applying and removing lashes and their tiny tips make applying very small amounts a breeze. Even better, you can get hundreds of them for under $8 on Amazon! I use these for just about everything, from scooping up a tiny bit or paint or dye to laying down a dot or line of glue exactly where I want it.