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10 Free Junk Journal Printables for June 2021 (part 2)

Some amazingly talented artists and graphic designers are sharing freebies this month -- each has been tested and is working as of June 2021. From old postcards to labels that have been cleaned and made editable, take a moment to stop by each site and pickup a fresh freebie for your collection.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

How to Get Free Junk Journal Printables

As a reminder, the images here are not mine -- in most cases these are just screen shots or lower resolution images to show off what you get when you visit the site or blogger in question. Follow the link to the original source to grab the free junk journal printable pieces you want at the right resolution for printing.

Find the MagpiePrintables free resource library here, it is packed with good stuff, including these new Regency tags, part of the Regency Romance Set, opening for preorder soon.

Stop by each of the sites detailed below -- because space is limited, I did not get to show off as much of each site as I would like. Most have more than one free junk journal printable and some have extensive libraries to share.

If you have a printable to share in the July 2021 roundup, just leave a comment, I'd love to showcase your work!

Junk Journal Freebie #6 Vintage Botanical Posters

You’ve likely seen images like these before – a bunch of a similar type of botanical, artfully arranged on a plain background. While those images are technically unique, they’re based on the French originals below. These are by artist Adolphe Millot.

Blogger The Navage Patch made their own version of 6 of the well known Millot posters – and theyre sharing them over on their site. Check it out – I’m loving the mushrooms and flowers most, but they are all lovely! You’ll need to register to download the posters, but these free junk journal printables are well worth the time it takes to do so ( I had a confirmation in about a minute).

Junk Journal Freebie #7 Vintage Postcards of All Types

This blog is just called Vintage Ephemera and it gets right to the point. You’ll find a collection of whimsical and fun postcards from about a century ago; most are old enough they are public domain or out of copyright.

While this blog has not been updated since 2014 (and I thought I was bad for missing a day!) the items are still active and there is a nice library of holiday and event related postcards. The gentleman kitties below are my favorite, but there are plenty of options.

While this site is active in June 2021, I do recommend downloading any free junk journal printables you want from it now –7 years is a long time to go without an update and even a minor issue could result in an inaccessible site.

Junk Journal Freebie #8: Vintage Receipts and Pages

I love old checks and receipts, but since they are usually made from thin, cheap paper, they are tough to handle and work with. A good scan of a vintage receipt or check makes it easy to work with a vintage looking piece, without damaging the original.

Find these pretty French receipts – and plenty more vintage ephemera for your junk journal at the Old Design Shop. The site is packed with high resolution versions of vintage postcards, papers, receipts and more. Plan on spending some time here, there are pages of amazing vintage finds. As for all of the junk journal freebies on this list, pay attention to terms of use before downloading; these are meant for personal use only.

These next paper dolls are not free, but I was amazed at what was available via Amazon! There are a lot of reproductions that can be used for play or for crafting and they are surprisingly cheap. I may or may not have just ordered a few :)

#9 Free Junk Journal Printables Ackerman's Repository

This one is a little out of the way but well worth a visit if you love 1800s and Victorian Era imagery. Ackerman’s Repository was a magazine with amazing illustrations – published as early as 1809. Images are well out of copyright and there is some amazing typography, fashion and home illustration to be printed in this collection.

From the Library of Congress to most major city museums, a copy of Ackerman’s Repository is a must – and you can find digitized copies at and other locations. Hop over to the Internet Archive to find a collection of copies and links to their current locations. Most allow you to download a copy of the book or individual pages.



##10 Editable Labels from Vintage Goods

Sweetly Scrapped has some ephemera that is doubly useful!

The labels and other items are high resolution scans, making them ideal for printing, but this blogger has gone the extra mile.

Sometimes you want the design but not the print (in some cases old print may be too difficult to read or even contain problematic or unsafe messaging. My Pretty Poisons set is based on old packaging – and I had to edit several, including one that recommended giving alcohol to infants and one that simply had such a small but fancy font it was illegible.

This label is a good example of what to expect from the freebies on this site – an original vintage label and the cleaned up version ready for fresh text or type.

Sweetly Scrapped has done this work for you – leaving behind clean, edited labels perfect for any junk journal project. Find a big selection of junk journal freebies here.

How to get your Free Junk Journal Printables

Each free junk journal printable is offered by a different blogger or artist; the images do not belong to me. I'm sharing them to showcase some of the wonderful freebies available to you in June. Do stop by the original blogger's site to download what you need,and take some time to look around, too.

Download these today -- not all freebies stay free! When I was looking for some to share, almost half of the ones I found on Pinterest lead nowhere -- the pin was there but the download was not. In some cases, the site was completely gone. Download any freebies you want today, as they may not be there tomorrow.

In case you missed it, part one of this large list, with the first 5 freebies can be found here.

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