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10 Fun Junk Journal Freebies for June 2021 (part 1)

I love the 10 fabulous designers on this list -- each of whom has generously shared their time and talents to bring you a free printable for junk journaling! You'll find planner pages, envelopes, embellishments and more here; each free junk journal printable has been confirmed live and working as of June 2021.

Find part 2 of this post here.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

How to Get Free Junk Journal Printables

Each of the below listed junk journal free printables is hosted on the original designer's website. While I'm sharing a quick photo to showcase what they have to offer, you'll need to visit them to download the high resolution printable. Make sure you look around while you're there -- most offer more than one freebie and also have wonderful paid offerings as well!

50+ Free Junk Journal Printables in our Subscriber Library

Find the MagpiePrintables free resource library here, it is packed with good stuff, including this lovely pleated peacock pocket with bold blues and greens:

The free printables for junk journaling include ephemera, digital paper, dimensional elements and even some planner and writing components. Basically if it is awesome, free and can be used in a junk journal after printing, I am including it.

Junk Journal Freebie #1 Altered Book Cover

I have been a longtime member and fan of the Graphics Fairy -- the combination of unusual images and ephemera scanned at high resolution is too tough to resist. If you're making printables for sale, you'll be delighted with their commercial license as well, it is quite generous.

This printable is part of a series on making an altered book - and the freebie is a stunning collage you can use as the starting point for your piece. If you want to make a junk journal but hate staring at an empty page without a clear plan, you'll love having this stunning base to work with. Get the freebie and some insights into making an altered book style junk journal here.

Junk Journal Freebie #2 Toadstool and Frog Envelopes

You won't have to go far to find this one -- it's right in the free subscriber library! This colorful set is part of the forthcoming Toads & Mushrooms junk journal kit (preorder details here). Sign up for the free printables library to access this and dozens more premium printables -- or just click the photo below to skip that and go right to the download:

Junk Journal Free Printable #3: Daily Planner Pages

More and more artsy friends are using junk journals and junk journaling methods to create unique and motivating daily planners. Kind of a cross between a storebought planner and a bullet journal, a junk journal planner lets you enjoy your creativity and still remember to run some errands.

Undoubted Grace has a treasure trove of free planner printables, many of which can be used for junk journaling! Try printing on craft paper or even newsprint for a different look, or just use as is, the colors are lovely. Here are just a few of the pages you'll find for free -- hop on over and check out all this blogger has to offer.

Junk Journal Freebie #4: Spring Seed Packet

I'm a huge fan of little envelopes and pockets -- so its no surprise I downloaded this free beauty immediately! Head over to Cute Crafting to grab the high resolution PDF of this pretty seed packet, just in time for blooming summer gardens!

Make sure you take a look around while you're downloading this lovely embellishement, the site is packed with free printables for junk journals!

#5 Free Junk Journal Printables for June 2021 Ephemera and Book Pages

Ohh, a full library of freebies, my favorite! That's what you'll find at Plush Possum! I'm highlighting a few of my personal favorites below, but make sure you head over to the site to look around and do the actual downloads. You'll get a nice, high resolution fine that way.

There are a number of lovely public domain and original images here, so take the time to look around -- you'll likely find something to go in your la

test junk journal!



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