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10 Printable Crafts to try this Fall

I love printable crafts! Everything arrives in a tidy file and the printer just spools out as many pieces as you’d like to make! Today I am sharing a few of my favorite printable crafts for Halloween and fall. Some are on the blog, some are in the free members area, others are in the shop. Here’s a look at the most popular printable crafts (so far) for fall.

Note: we are Amazon affiliates and if you make a purchase after clicking a link here, we may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Printable Craft 1 : Matchbox of Owls

Do you need a charming little project that’s seasonal and fun to make? These carpet owls are about the size of a postage stamp, and they come complete with a matching matchbox for storage. Click the photo above or here to go to this fun fall free printable.

Here’s a closer look at the fall printable craft owl box:

Printable Crafts for Fall: Printable skeleton cards

Use these as is to embellish another item, or frame for an instant quirky Halloween accent. Just click here or the photo above to get to the free download.

Printable Craft for Halloween: Stuffed Notecard Set

This is a beginner friendly project that works up very quickly for experienced users as well. It is our most popular Halloween printable craft for 2021 so far -- I think it is the cute little banner that does it :) Find it here on sale -- then just print, cut and glue your way to a stunning Halloween card or display!

Found on Amazon -- I have a few of these originals, or ones very similar to them. They are a heavy cardboard that has gotten so brittle that I can't really display them -- I ended up just buying these to use in displays so I don't have to worry about damaging the originals! If you're looking for retro/vintage Halloween decor, these are awesome and under $10,each is about 9" tall.

Printable Crafts for Fall: Lined Junk Journal Pages

This one comes to you from one of my favorite sites -- Creative Fabrica. While many of the items on the site are paid or subscriber only, this pretty Halloween themed journal page set is totally free. Click the image below to hop on over and claim your free copy. Note this is free as of September 2021, that could change, so download it sooner rather than later!

This free Halloween printable comes in both pdf and ppt format so you have plenty of options.

Free 3 D Paper Pumpkins Printable Craft

This one is a lot easier than it looks, and produces reliable, consistent results for everyone who tries it. You'll use a simple 3d assembly technique to create pumpkins with Halloween and harvest flair. Find the free printable craft with complete directions here.

Horror Book Journal Accessories Printables

I made these to accent the Horror Place Keys printable craft -- and the free accessories ended up being more popular than the craft itself! Here are two separate sets of free printable crafts based on books. The Shining and Jaws (also movies, I guess, but I'm one of those "the book was better" people).

My favorite parts are the faux polaroid and faux filmstrip, they were made specifically for this journal and I love how they turned out. Both are included in the freebie.

Jaws Printable Craft Freebie

One of the horror keys is for the Amity Hotel, from Jaws, here's the free journal cover and accessories set for this one:

A few of these photos were snapped at Universal Studios before they closed the Jaws ride...and unused until now.

Halloween Printable Folio

This shop project features a folio, with another folio inside -- and LOTS of embellishments. You can see a flipthrough of the completed piece below, and find the project here in the shop.

Free Printable Craft for Halloween Pumpkin Seeds Envelope

Make a pumpkin seeds envelope to accent a page, hold small bits of ephemera or even add to a piece of decor. Find this free printable Halloween project here. or click the image below to go directly to the download.

A LOT of Free Halloween vintage postcards

I collect vintage ephemera, particularly for Halloween and Christmas and have shared a lot of it on the blog. You can start at the very beginning, the post below has a bunch of individual vintage Halloween postcards and images, then hit the "halloween" tag at the bottom of this or any post to be taken to many more free vintage postcards.

Free Printable Crafts for Halloween Paper Bows

I love these simple paper bows -- they add dimension and charm and take under a minute to make...a great combination!

You can find the full set of 12 bows in the shop here, but try the free sampler set below to learn how to make them and see how nicely they print up first.

Orange Ephemera Set

If you want to make Halloween printable crafts, you're going to need some orange vintage ephemera! Orange is always a tough color to find, I always struggle with it -- so I digitized the entire set. Each piece is out of copyright and can be used in personal or commercial projects. This set is free with any premium membership (as is everything in the shop).

Free Vintage Black Cat Magazines

This 1880s publication is actually called "Black Cat"...and features images of black cats on the cover. They're lovely and out of copyright, so use them as you'd like. Each one is linked to a free download for your Halloween crafting projects.

Stay Tuned for More Halloween Freebies!

I have 13 more scheduled posts and freebies dropping in the weeks leading up to Halloween, so check back for more -- if you're a free site member, you'll get a notification when a new freebie posts.

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