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20 Free Dodo Bird Graphics for Junk Jourals

I had no idea I had amassed so many physical and digital bits of dodo Ephemera, but here we are….

I have been tearing both my files and hard drive up for an Alice in Wonderland dodo image I know I have, but can’t find. In the meantime, I found 30 other dodo graphics, so I’m sharing them here. These are all out of copyright and can be used as you wish. Scroll to the end for everything in convenient, high resolution pdf form.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

What to do with dodo bird graphics

I must have had some idea in mind for these, as I kept collecting them! Use in junk journals, scrapbookin, card making and more. The dodo is a minor character from Alice in Wonderland (and one of the lovely John Tenniel illustrations is included below), and probably the best known extinct bird.

Here‘s a look at the free dodo graphics in all different styles. I hope you can use them, or at least find them amusing!

Want non-dodo freebies? There’s a library full!

Find the MagpiePrintables free resource library here, it is packed with good stuff, including the shabby pleated pocket shown below:

Dodo Sketches

Here’s a roundup of dodo sketches and bookplates, they range in date from the early 1700s to the late 1800s.

Dont right click to save, you won’t get a clear image. Instead, scroll down and download a complete high resolution pdf file with all the dodo Graphics.

Dodo in Wonderland

Here’s a closeup of that John Tenniel Dodo bird print, in color. You’ll find a larger image in the dodo bird graphics download.

If you like Wonderland, don’t miss this huge set of free Alice in Wonderland graphics and printables:

vintage dodo bird graphics book plate

I like this one because it gives a good idea of scale. Some dodo graphics make it look like a huge bird, here it is more the size of a chicken.

Vintage Dodo Illustrations and paintings

This page has a variety of sketches, paintings and renderings of dodo birds. They’re so often shown with a foot hiked up in the air, I wonder if they actually stood that way?

Vintage Dodo Ephemera

This dodo has a plain background, making him ideal for isolating and adding to other pages or projects.

Vintage dodo graphics photo

One of the few actual dodo birds I’ve seen, most are images or engravings.

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Vintage Dodo art for your junk journal

This dodo looks far more dignified than they usually do!

How to get your Free Junk Journal Dodo Printables

Just hit the download button below to get the whole crazy collection of dodo birds!

Download PDF • 20.04MB

If you're still looking for more freebies, hit the "free" or "free printables" tag below to bring up almost 100 freebies right here on the blog; you'll also find some in the shop, including the Van Gogh themed tag book shown below.

Happy printing!

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