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Free Vintage Halloween Postcards Images for Projects and Sharing

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I adore vintage Halloween postcards -- and vintage Halloween images of any type. I have been collecting these items for over 2 decades -- hauling them from studio to studio every time we move or I outgrow my space.

Each is free vintage Halloween postcard is out of copyright -- over 100 years of age -- and I have scanned them and cleaned them up so they print nicely. Each of these free vintage Halloween postcards is 300 dpi, so high resolution enough to use for any printed project.

Please feel free to right click and download whichever you'd like to add to your collection -- or just grab the full set in a download at the end of the page.

I've used these to make fun tickets -- each has a little part of a vintage card, making it easy to add a bit of vintage Halloween charm to any project.

I've added a little bit of detail about each free Halloween postcard, including where I found the original and any details that might be of interest. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and can find a use for them.


Vintage Halloween Postcard: Moonlight Witch with Cat

Witches are a common theme in older postcards, and this one features a realistic looking witch on a broom, with a Halloween friendly black cat. The original postcard is not dated but is had gilded edges, kind of like the calling cards from the 1910s or so.

Right click to save, or download the set here.

Vintage Halloween Postcard: A Witch and a Warning

This one has postage dated 1920 -- just over 100 years ago. I love the illumination style writing and cleaned it up with photoshop, as the card was readable but damaged. The colors from this one are particularly lovely, too.

Right click to download or grab the set below.

Vintage Halloween Postcard 3: Airplane Witch

This one is dated 1909 on the back, it was mailed in October of that year, and likely printed around the same time. The Wright brothers first took to the air in a similar plane in 1903, that vehicle is likely the inspiration for this modern airplane witch. I like the amount of white space left on this card -- and cleaned it up to ensure you could see all the amazing details, from the leashed owls to the friendly moon.

Right Click to download or grab the set below.

Vintage Halloween Postcard Scared Owl

This stunning card is not dated, but that owl screams early 1900s, based on his startled eyes. I wish the lettering in this one were a font, it is lovely! Like many early cards, this vintage Halloween postcard contains a verse on the front and space for writing a message on the back.

RIght Click to save or grab the entire set in a single download below.

Vintage Halloween Postcard: Creepy Pumpkin Head

I get it-- Halloween is supposed to be creepy, but this vintage Halloween card is particularly spooky. From the expression on the pumpkin head's face to the fleeing children, this one is nightmare fuel from a century ago. Use at your own risk, I can't promise it isn't haunted.

What to Do with Vintage Halloween Images?

Well, you can use vintage Halloween postcard images in a huge variety of ways! I used them to make sticker sheets, combining the cleaned up Halloween cats and witches with a new 'ticket" style design, as seen here and found in the shop here;

Vintage Halloween Postcard: Owl and Kitty

One of my all time favorites, this one was in bad shape but cleaned up nicely. I love the inquisitive kitty and the shocked owl! This one is not dated but was in an album I purchased at auction. The oldest item in the album is from 1911 so I am guessing that is around the right time for this piece.

Right Click to save or download the set below.

Vintage Halloween Postcard Scaredy Cats

Another in-flight image, this one with cats -- who do not look entirely pleased to be flying around via winged pumpkin.

How to Use Vintage Postcard Halloween Images:

  • Use in your bullet journal or planner for a fun Halloween look

  • Add to school lunch notes and other kid stuff for a fun and intriguing addition

  • Use in packaging or your own projects, each of these images is in the public domain and fair game for use.

  • Print out as is -- they're already scaled for postcards -- and send a fun message to someone you love! Older folks in particular enjoy getting mail and these are super simple to print, trim and send in minutes.

  • Use in junk journals, paper crafts, decor and more

Vintage Halloween Postcard Pumpkin Lineup

This one is dated 1907 on the back -- that is when it was postmarked, so it was likely printed that year or a year or two before. I love the expressions on these guys!

Vintage Halloween Postcard Cannibal Pumpkin

Hannibal Lecter as pumpkin? I think this pumpkin man dining on pumpkin pie may be the oddest one in the collection! No postage date, but in an album with dates ranging from 1907 to 1911, so that is a safe bet for publication date. I'm not surprised this one was never mailed, who would you send it to?

Right Click here to download, or grab the set below.

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