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25 Flying Machine Images for your Junk Journal

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Hot air balloons? Check

Blimps? Check?

Crazy guy with homemade wings? Check!

If it flies (or tries to) and is not a traditional airplane, you'll find it here! Enhance your junk journal with one or more of these flying machine and airship images -- most are free (those that are not are included in our Gold subscriber plan). Many of these fun vintage images are from my own collection of vintage ephemera -- most date from before 1900, all are copyright free or public domain (or created by me ;)

Vintage Balloon Postcard Restored:

For most images, just click to expand, then right click to save.

Note Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Steampunk Airship Free Printable

This vintage steampunk airship is probably not supposed to be pink, but it printed up so beautifully I had to keep it!

FLying Man Photo Printable 1800s

This looks like one of those click-baitey articles on "last photo before disaster strikes", because I can't tell if he's going up or going down, I just know gravity will get him in the end. It is a weird, quirky image, though!

This is part of my Oddities photos collection, and can be found here -- the set is available free with membership. You can just right click to save this one.

Early monochrome hot air balloon

I cleaned this one up and added a few color choices, find it here.

Pre 190o Vintage Hot Air Balloon Etching

Vintage Cigarette Card Blimp

I collect these old cards, and while this one is not in great repair, it is perfect for a traveler's journal or notebook! This set is from the late 1800s and features blimps, dirigibles, planes and more -- I only have 3 of the 60 or so, so am always on the lookout for more! Scanned, optimized and ready to print, just right click to save.

Hot Air Balloon Illustration 1700s Wikimedia Commons

This piece comes from one of my favorite public domain sites for junk journaling --

Wikimedia Commons. I've modified it a bit to print better and because I needed it to be more pink for a project, but otherwise it retains all of the details of the original.

Printing Tip for Vintage Flying Machine Images

I love the steampunk, vintage look of these, but hate having a plain white page back. Printing on parchment or colorful paper doesn't help, because then you lose the whites and light colors. I ordered the paper below and put it through the machine so that the image you want prints on the back. This gives you a two sided piece with a distressed back and the chosen image on the front.

Amazon paper -- 6 vintage shades to use as backing for flying machine images:

Vintage Hot Air Balloon Printable

Another altered vintage image, this one has a balloonist in quite a bit of peril!, 1800s book plate image.

Airplane Cigarette Card

I know, this one is an airplane, but it was in such good condition and out of copyright, I just couldn't resist including it!

Free Vintage Hot Air Balloon Image

Another early one, this one is from the mid 1800s and would print beautifully on white or antiqued paper.

Free Vintage Balloon Clipart

Here's another piece of free public domain art I altered -- this was a super dark image -- lightening it up left room for extra color if needed (coloring pencils will do the trick) or just a brighter, lighter image that will pop on darker backgrounds.

Free Hot Air Balloon Poster - French

Another restored poster, this one prints at letter size, but can be reduced as needed.

Free Steampunk Balloon Clipart

A double balloon airship, now in shades of green! Right click to download and print.

Free Public Domain Hot Air Balloon Image

I cleaned this up and modified it to print well on a home printer -- just right click to save the high resolution image

Hot Air Balloon Printable

Another hot air balloon pilot having a very bad day! This public domain image is also available on Wikimedia Commons.

Vintage Hot Air Balloon Poster French Printable

This one needed a significant amount of cleanup work, as it was in poor condition. It has been restored and will print best at full letter size or smaller, even though the original is a little bigger.

Vintage Airship Journal Cards

Use these cards and matching envelopes in a travelers journal or anywhere you need a little more space for writing. Envelopes fold up and can be used as tuck spots etc, and the cards fit perfectly inside. This is part of our premium subscription plan and free for members!

Vintage Hot Air Balloon

Bunny pilots and an egg shaped balloon -- this Easter card is the perfect combination of vintage travel and holiday! 1870 postcard, cleaned and optimized for your home printer.

Vintage Hot Air Balloon Postcard

Another pre-1900 vintage postcard, this one says "Happy Birthday" but is covered in shamrocks -- so may have been used for Saint Patrick's Day greetings as well. 1902 stamp on back.

Vintage Traveler's Journal

Not a printable, but a place to put all those amazing vintage airship images to work! I've given three of these as gifts this year -- they make an impressive gift at a surprisingly low price point -- and I added some stickers and printables to make them unique! Find it on Amazon for under $10:

Free Hot Air Balloon Clipart

Head over to the Graphics Fairy to find some free sketch and engraving style hot air balloons to use in your junk journal, including the interesting one below:

Hot Air Balloon Clipart -- Creative Fabrica

If you prefer your balloons cute and modern, you'll love these whimsical illustrations from creative fabrica -- they're free for subscribers.

Free Hot Air Balloon Printable Project -- Matchbook Journals

These matchbook journals are fast and easy to make -- and kind of addictive too! Choose from the hot air balloon or the steampunk horse and create a few for your next project. Find the free printable and project directions here.

Hot Air Balloon Public Domain IMage -- REcolored

I added some extra color and details to this one, it is perfect for a travel journal or any place you need a touch of vintage style!

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Great selection of Hot Air Balloons ! Thank you. I think I'll have to buy that Oddities set ! :D LOVE IT.

Samantha McNesby
Samantha McNesby
Aug 31, 2021
Replying to

Aww thanks, I’m glad you like them :)

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