25+ Free Vintage Horse Graphics and Ephemera for your Junk Journal

Vintage horse ephemera, equestrian drawings, horse photos and more— you’ll find over 2 dozen free vintage equestrian images below, and I’ll continue to add to the list as I find suitable candidates. One of the projects I'm working on for Halloween junk journaling features the headless horseman -- so I'm immersed in vintage horse graphics!

I hope you find these vintage horse graphics for junk journaling useful!

Why Horses?

Why not?

I am working on Halloween and Christmas, and this year at least one Halloween junk journal will feature the Headless Horseman/Sleepy Hollow. I discovered a ton of amazing horse graphics that could be given a spooky makeover -- and a great deal of others you may be able to use in anything from an actual equestrian themed journal to a farm junk journal or even a country themed piece.

The new kit will be out September 7, and features the setting and very recognizable characters from the classic Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. If you are a subscriber, the new kit will be free, yay! If you're not yet, you can sign up here, or grab Sleepy Hollow on the release day for 30% off with code ICHABOD.

On to the horses!

Free Horse Graphics for your Journal or Papercrafts

On to the horses ! This roundup includes a variety of mediums and artwork ranging from new to hundreds of years old. I’m not orderly enough to sort these by date, but there is a huge range to work with. items designed by me are linked for a fast and easy download, free images hosted by others are linked to the source so you can get a high quality download. Most allow commercial use, but you’ll find specific licensing details on the host sites.

9+ Horse Graphics from 1875 Horse Encyclopedia