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25+ Moon Printables and Graphics

I had no idea I had so many interesting vintage moon graphics, but it looks like I do! I’m sharing them all in one place here, along with some from other sources. The moon ephemera and graphics shared below are free, largely for both commercial and personal use, and just a quick click away.

Note: We are Amazon affiliates and if you make a purchase after clicking a link, may receive a small commission. It keeps the washi tape flowing….

Free Vintage Lady in the Moon Bookplate

You can get this lovely German book image by clicking the photo below, it will take to to the full high resolution download. Use in any journal you make and sell.

Very Vintage Moon Chart

You can’t get much further out of copyright and into the public domain than this piece, its from 1711! Four diagrams of Solar eclipses (1711) by Johannes Buno. is available from RawPixel, free for commercial or personal use.


Mother Goose -- The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

We've all read this one, and this charming vintage book illustration is a lovely example of the art from the story. It is from an old (as in 1916 old) book, and in the public domain. Just click the photo for a .jpg download.

Vintage Moon Girl Image

One of my favorite vintage moon photos, a little girl with an oversized moon, in tones of sepia. Just click the photo to download the image.

Moonlight Photo for Commercial Use

one of my favorite sites for photography for commercial use is unsplash, they never fail to deliver! I thought this moon over water image was particularly suitable to a junk journal cover, page or background. Click the photo to go to the free, high resolution download.

I picked these up from Amazon, I’ve ordered other prints from this group before and they were good, so I’m hoping these will be too, find them here.

Vintage Fairy Moon Postcard Freebie

Here’s another from my own collection, it is very versatile and would work in a fairy journal, witchy journal or any ethereal piece, I think. just click the photo to go to the high resolution free ephemera download in several sizes.

Free Moon and Star Digital Paper

It’s no secret, I’m a huge CreativeFabrica fan! While I absolutely adore and recommend their paid subscription, they also have some products for free. This lovely set of moon themed papers is currently free, you can find and download it here Or by clicking the image below.

These lovely papers include commercial usage rights, too. Learn more about CreativeFabrica here.

Vintage Harvest Moon Postcard

It's technically for Halloween, but you can't miss the huge harvest moon looming in the background here! Pick this pretty moon image up in several sizes here on the blog:

Moon Phases Oreo Worksheet

If you’re like me, you have kiddos that want to help with the crafting, but dont always have the skills to help. This free moon Oreo printable offers a little bit of everythin! Time with mom or dad, educational info and cookies! Mmmm, cookies! Find the freebie, along with a cute little printable moon book here.

Man in the Moon Graphics

Looking for the man in the moon? You’ll find a dozen different options over at the Graphics Fairy! Combine lovely vintage moons with their generous commercial use policy and you have a win for sure! Find a dozen free vintage man in the moon images here, or by clicking the image below.

Moon Dance Animals Vintage Ephemera

I've cleaned this up a bit, but it retains the character of the charming original. Just click the image for a /jpg download.

Creepy Engraved Vintage Moon

at first glance this looks like a typical Victorian air transportation etching…until you see the creepy moon in the lower corner! Find the free high resolution image here, at RawPixel.

Want some less creepy airship and vintage hot air balloon images? Don’t miss this post, its packed with free graphics of fantastic airships, dirigibles and balloons:

Moon Kiss Vintage Graphic

I isolated this image from a piece of vintage ephemera, then saved it two different ways. The pdf features different sizes of the image on a white background, while the png has a transparent background. The clear background makes it easy to place right on to a digital page before printing.

Use for personal or commercial products, just don’t copy or sell the digital files.

Heres the PDF:

Download PDF • 5.54MB

Here’s the png:

Download PDF • 4.37MB

Free Moon Image NASA Moon Landing

If you prefer a more scientific or historic moon, then this sketch style image of the initial moon landing may come in handy. It is free for commercial use from Pixabay, just click the image to go to the high resolution download page.

Vintage Moon Ephemera Moon Postcard

A charming anthropomorphic moon from a 1906 postcard. This is an unedited scan to use as you like. Here’s the jpg image for easy resizing and editing:

Download PDF • 1.65MB

Cat and Moon Vintage Postcard

Another critter conversing with the moon, from a 1911 postcard. This time, it’s a kitty having a cozy conversation with the moon, find the download below.

Download PDF • 1.28MB

Vintage Moon and Stars Graphic

This moon image is public domain, and can be found on this free vintage illustration site. Note this is a smallish image best used on a sticker, a piece of jewelry or on a mini journal.

Moon Lady Vintage Graphics

Find this lovely moon lady here, it’s available in several sizes and an instant, free download.

Harvest Moon Graphics In the Public Domain

Another lovely harvest moon image in the public domain, this one is a rich red. It comes to you via wikimedia commons, just click the photo below to head over and grab a high resolution copy if this stunning photo.

Vintage Moon Photograph

This vintage moon image comes to you from one of my favorite art sites, the Rijksmuseum. I love this Netherlands based museum because of its lovely collections, but also because of its huge digitized free library. Here’s just one of the stunning moon images in their catalog, click through to download a high resolution version and to see more of the collection.

Vintage Lady Moon Photo

Most of the anthropomorphic moon images I come across are men; this one, featuring a lady’s profile is a bit or an oddity. It is lovely and unusual though, and you vacant find it in several sizes here.

I'll add more moon images as I discover them -- but for now, have fun collecting and using these! I'd love to see what you make!


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