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26 Free Violet Junk Journal Printables Purple Flowers

This roundup of free junk journal printables includes lovely postcards, notecards, violet images and more. Each piece features a violet or purple flowers. Violets were a popular ephemera motif in the years before World War 1 and can still be found on stunning vintage flower ephemera today.

The following files are primarily from my own collection, but in some cases I’ve included public domain or images from other designers. These are linked to the original site so you can see all that site has to offer.

Looking for more free flower ephemera?

The free violetsprintables below are mostly PDFs for high quality printing. Feel free to use for commercial purposes, just don't sell the digital files. '

Free junk journal printable 1893 Vintage Violets Postcard

Postcards are wonderful sources for vintage violets graphics! This one is a pdf that includes both an original And a blank version of the card. Print on heavy card stock for set the image to get to the pdf.

Free Violets Perfume Label

Download the high resolution version of this lovely vintage violets label here:

Violet witch hazel
Download PDF • 2.26MB

Free Violets Printable

Head over to the antique images blog to download this lovely vi tags violets postcard.

Free Vintage Violet Graphics

Here are 3 dainty violet graphics that can be used for personal or commercial projects:

Small violets
Download PDF • 3.04MB

Free junk journal violets Coloring Page

You can easily color this in as intended, then use in a flower junk journal. You can also use the piece as a pattern for a larger project surface. click the photo to c

visit and download the image.

Free violets junk journal printable Vintage Violets Postcard

Another lovely postcard, this one is unusual because the date and message are on the front instead of the back.

Vintage Violets botanical graphic from rawpixel

Free junk journal printable violets photo

im not entirely sure these are violets, but they are a striking shade of purple and free for commercial use so I’m including them! This is from unsplash : Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

I’m working my way through a set of flower fairies folios in the shop, my favorites so far are these lovely periwinkle blue ones. These are free with the premium subscription plan.

Free Pressed Violets Image

I love these, because the clear background allows you to place them anywhere! Find them free here on Raw pixel.

Free Violets Vintage Postcard

Another vintage postcard with violets, this one has a pale lavender color palette and a simple best wishes message. it is postmarked 1900. Click the image below to go to the free violets paper download.

Free vintage violet project from the Graphics Fairy, find it here and DIY something lovely.

If you like botanicals, you'll love these new shop pieces -- a set of rose trading cards from the 1800s. If you are a premium member, these are free and available now, otherwise find them here.

Free violet flower graphic vector

Free Violets Printable Ephemera Note

I was pretty surprised to see one of my go to sites for free vintage ephemera had very few violets or violet images! Wikimedia Commons is usually a great resource, and with a little digging, I found this lovely bit of vintage ephemera from a Dutch album of pressed flowers:

Free Violets Photo for Junk Journaling

Photo by Bruce Kee on Unsplash I plan to use this on in a fairy collage, it is the perfect setting.

Free Vintage Violets Girl Postcard

Find this vintage violets girl here on the blog, just click the photo to go to the free download.

Get More Free Printables! The free library contains dozens of projects, printables and assets -- and you can sign up in under a minute. Sign up for the newsletter and immediate access to free junk journal printables here.

Free Violets Perfume Label

Im a huge fan of the Graphics Fairy, and was delighted to find this free violets perfume label there! Head on over to download your copy.

Free Violet Fairy Images

The lovely book featuring vintage flier fairies contains several violet and purple flower fairies. I’m slowly uploading this entire 1899 public domain book, find it here and download dozens of beautiful flower fairy pages for your journal.

Vintage Violets 2 Ways

Pale or saturated with color? I could not dedide, so included both!

This lovely watercolor graphic is free on raw pixel ; find it here.

Access over 3000 Junk Journal Printables with a Premium Subscription

Our premium subscription offers immediate access to over $1000 in assets -- about 3000 graphics in 125+ sets. This includes all kits, projects and pages for one low monthly cost. New items are added daily and include exclusive early access, one of a kind prints and more. Sign up here for instant access to everything in the shop for one low fee:

Free junk journal printable postcard

Don’t miss this lovely free printable from the old design shop; visit the blog for the free Violets download.

Free Vintage Postcard with Violets

Download this vintage beauty below, it’s from my own collection.

Violet windmill
Download PDF • 5.16MB

Vintage violets Card

Free Vintage Violet Miniatures

Here are some of the vintage violet postcards and images from my collection, in mini form for smaller projects. Just click to download.

Violet minis
Download PDF • 6.03MB

Need even more violets?

The violet collage sheet set is 8 printable pages of gorgeous, richly colored images. Most are from my own collection and can’t be found elsewhere online. They range from 1848 to 1912.The images in this collection are not included in the free list above, so there is no duplication.

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