5 Sets of Free Vintage Printables for Junk Journals

Junk journals are amazingly addictive and fun to make – they are also a great way to stretch and explore your creativity. One of my favorite things about making junk journals is using up all those little pieces of paper, embellishments and vintage whatnots that are small but too cute to throw away.

If you don’t have enough junk on hand – or have explored junk journaling so thoroughly that you need more supplies, printables can fill the gap. Junk journal printables come in coordinated sets (like our Victorian Spring Set shown below), or in packs of specific items like tags, tickets or embellishments.

Using Junk Journal Printables

Junk journal printables are super easy to print and use. Once you find the pieces you want, you can print them out and use them again and again. While I have plenty of options in my digital paper store, I wanted to share some free junk journal printables with you today, so you can discover this fascinating and fun medium without having to invest any money.

How to Print Junk Journal Digital Files

Junk journal printables work on any home printer that is capable of printing photographs; if yours can produce pictures that look as they should, it will work for the junk journal downloads below as well (and any others you find.