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Adult Coloring Pages -- Zen Animals Free Printable

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I have some awesome freebies for you today -- coloring pages for bigger kids and adults! Each of these features intricate designs and can be used to create a masterpiece in a single setting.

Use colored pencils or print on watercolor paper to use watercolor paints or pencils. Coloring is not just a creative pastime, it is a very soothing one as well. According to Beaumont Health, coloring can reduce anxiety and help you relax -- plus it's a fun way to be creative without any pressure or art skills needed!

How to Get your Free Coloring Pages for Big Kids and Adults

Super easy, just click the image below to be taken to the download page -- then save your file. It will open as a .pdf, so you'll need the free Adobe reader app (most computers already have it) to open. Once open, print the page(s) you want, or just print them all at the same time and store in a folder until you need a creative break.

Free Zentangle Animal Coloring Book

What to do with the free coloring pages:

The benefit of coloring for adults is a reduced stress level and lowered anxiety -- but the process creates some lovely work, too! You can frame your creations, use them in an art journal (consider printing out at half page size if you want to go this route) or use in other projects.

Getting great results from printable coloring pages

Start with a design or page you like or are drawn to. If you start with a flawed image or a design you don't like, you won't be happy with the finished product; one you've spent a lot of time creating.

Use colored pencils, markers, crayons with a sharp point or even paint with a fine brush to color in the pages. If you already have a set of nice pencils, or other supplies, you're all set. If not your local craft store can outfit you, In a pinch, you can find sets of 12 colored pencils at just about every dollar store, so you don't have to have anything particularly fancy to start.

Print the pages out as full or half pages. Anything smaller than half a page will be too small to color in with this level of detail. I like to use cardstock, textured paper or watercolor paper, but we are a very artsy family and have lots of that stuff around.

You can get great results with regular copy paper, too. I'd stick with a dry medium if you are using regular paper. Crayon or pencil is best on copy paper; marker or paint will cause the paper to ripple or tear unless you use a hefty cardstock.

Grab your free printables below! While you're in a freebie mood, stop by my free printables page, which is home to plenty of other useful printables for planning, organizing and educating!

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