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Animal headed People, now with fancy dresses.

I had a blast making these animal headed Victorian ladies; I set out to make one for a tag, and it snowballed into 8 different creatures. I have some really interesting Victorian book pages and postcards, trick photography came into Vogue as soon as cameras became more readily available, and the fun began. Here’s a look at my Victorian animals, along with some free vintage ephemera for your own journal or project.

This full set is in the shop and is also included in the gold monthly subscription plan.

The gazelle is the one I started with, and it just snowballed from there. hevconcept of scale and size is obviously missing from this set, but then again, it’s animals in dresses, so we‘ve left reality behind already.

Fancy Victorian Squirrels

I found this on Pinterest, and can’t find an owner. i suspect this one is a contemporary photoshopped image rather than a Victorian one, the transition from squirrel to outfit is too seamless. Find it here on the French version of Pinterest, and please let me know if you discover the origins, so I can properly attribute it and satisfy my curiosity.

These are actual photos, and showcase some common photography trickery used over a century ago. You can find them on wikimedia commons, here.

The idea of animal headed people shows up in illustration as well, as these creatures make their way towards Noah’s ark in the mid 19th century. This is a public domain image and the cleaned up file can be downloaded below.


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