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Creative Market Weekly Freebies Review

I'm a big fan of CreativeMarket for commercial use designs (you'll find a few in action in the junk journal printables shop). Each week, the site also offers some free files for crafting and personal use. If you have Procreate or create your own planner pages etc, you're going to love this week's Creative Market Freebies! Hop on over and grab your files before the week is over; here's a peek at what you can score free this week at CreativeMarket:

This page contains affiliate links which means I will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I only recommend services I use and love in my own business or for personal projects.

I like that there are a few pretty fonts, along with a procreate brush set (I have a LOT of brushes already but always find new ones I like! Take a closer look at this lovely font combination set! I love fonts that arrive already paired, it takes the guesswork out of coming up with fonts that complement but do not overwhelm one another. Melanasia features an oversized blocky font and a flowing script:

This week also has a few abstract backgrounds. ONe is blobs of watercolor in earthy shades, the other has leafy vines and botanical details. If you've never downloaded from CreativeMarket before, then their free weekly products are a good place to start to explore what the site has to offer, without incurring any cost.

Abstract Background Freebie

I thought this CreativeMarket background was a lot of fun, and the transparency of those abstract blobs means it can be used in a variety of ways. Find this free printable or asset here:

Just click the image above for your free files...but do it before the set disappears, usually by the end of the week! Click here for free miniml vine overlay from CreativeMarket.

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