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Creative Market Weekly Freebies Review June 2021

Some nice freebies at CreativeMarket this week, particularly if you like modern, abstract designs. Note these are for personal use, not commercial projects, so if you sell printables, these aren't for your product line -- but they are wonderful for personal projects! (Learn more about making money with printables here) Here's a quick rundown of my favorites this week , all part of the brand's weekly freebie program-- get a look at what you can score free this week at CreativeMarket:

This page contains affiliate links which means I will receive a commission for purchases made through these links. I only recommend services I use and love in my own business or for personal projects.

The fonts are a mixed bag this week. I like Huova, which is a bold serif font -- make sure you click through to see the variations. While I like the overall scripty look of Montagna, I don't love the readability. I would reserve this one for names or accents, not full paragraphs or even long headers, it is difficult to read. Give them try yourself and see what you think -- it can be used on Procreate, Photoshop and other graphics programs, and you can download it free here.

I'm always happy to see some more brushes for Procreate, and I was happy with these markers. This set does a nice job of mimicing Copics, and the added blender option really is a nice addition. To try these, I downloaded from CreativeMarket then uploaded right into the Procreate app on my iPad; got to brushes>import>choose the file to add them to yours.

Here is a closer look a the brushes included; I found the bleeding art marker and the blender tool to be the most useful items in here, but your experience may vary.

I liked the abstract blobs of color here; thankfully, the designer included them in clear background PNG files so they can be easily combined and used anywhere. Don't forget you can alter the color of these as needed in Procreate or your preferred editing software.

Just click the images above for your free files...but do it before the sets disappear, usually by the end of the week! Click here for all free goods this week from CreativeMarket.

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