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Edgar Allen Poe Printable Paper Doll

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

If you’re visiting from Facebook, this is the little Poe box that you’re looking for! It is the size of a large matchbox and prints out on a single sheet of paper. You’ll find the file waiting for you a little further down the page, enjoy!

Based on his work, I was really expecting an Aadams family style gothic mansion, or at least a slightly creepy home…but that is not the case. The not so spooky Poe House is located in Baltimore, and is a simple brick row home that is nearly identical to those on the surrounding blocks. This home has been restored and is currently a museum that operates seasonally.

Public domain image from Wikipedia

I didn’t see any photos of the inside,so he’s got a lime crushed velvet sofa and plastered walls, just for fun…. here’s a look at the actual printable. Oh, and Poe himself has a little makeover as well, I Didn’t want to use the same photos as everyone else, so he has a new regency style suit, here he is, lurking in the shadows:

Making the Poe Paper Doll and Box

This is pretty straightforward, you’ll assemble the base (the piece with the sofa), then fold the sleeve to fit around it. Lastly, cut the little Edgar Allen Poe and his accessories out and place them inside.

if you need to see a more detailed version of the assembly, the free Alice in Wonderland set is made the same way, find it here.

Print the Poe Doll Set

This one has a lot of dark colors, particularly the lurking Poe figure on the v

ack of the box. I recommend using good quality Cardstock (my go to is below). Here’s a recent piece on choosing paper for printables that may help if you’re not sure what to use.

Print the backing paper of your choice onto card stock, then flip the page over and print the house on the other side. I’ve included a deep purple backing but you can use any you like.

Cut out the pieces.

Fold the base into a little box and glue the flaps in place (or use double stick tape, it’s faster).

Fold the house into a sleeve that the box can slide into. Crease the folds well, then secure with double stick tape or glue.

Stick the mini Poe and and his accessories inside.

Here’s a look at the Edgar Allen Poe Paper doll printable:

Click here to download the file to make your own:

Download PDF • 15.35MB

Here's a good cardstock to use for this -- presentation paper also works, but will be thinner.

Cardstock comes in different weights -- the one I like best for dimensional projects like this one is 11o lb. It is a little heavier than the 90 lb and holds folds really well. The one I use is below, but any 110 lb paper is a good choice. The reason I like this brand is I can get a pack of 250 sheets for under $10 -- the HP paper is the same quality but $14 for 250 sheets :)

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WOW! love the POE HOUSE set! thank you :D

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