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F0rest Fairy Junk Journal Flipthru

Here’s a closer look at the forest fairy folio that launched today. I recorded a full flipthru after assembly but before embellishment. I like to show what the kit looks like on its own…I hate buying a lovely kit, then discovering I also need $50 in embellishments to get the same look! So everything shown here is in the printable, you add paper, glue and your own Creativity from here…

Forest Fairies Junk Journal Flip Through

There are dozens of pieces in this kit, and you can configure them the way you like -- here's how I assembled it. I have a few design team folks who just got their hands on this one and I have a feeling their approaches will be as unique and wonderful as they are! Here's the final folio, my version:

Forest Fairy Graphic Elements vs. the Folio

If you already have the Forest Fairy Graphics set, this is an expansion, not a duplication. The mason jars used in the folio are totally different from the kit, but all pieces will work together. Here's a look at the elements kit:

So, lots of mushrooms, fairies and jars, but no duplication.

Need vintage images and original art?

If you love junk journals and graphics, you'll love our subscription plan! New kits and images are added daily, but the last count was over 3000 in 135 packages or kits. The newest kits are included and they focus on Christmas!:


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