Famous Author Printables : Mark Twain

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Free book printable for your junk journal or book journal. About a year ago, the Smithsonian opened their archives for public use - -adding hundreds of thousands of public domain images to an accessible portal. Most of these images are free for commercial use, without attribution, like the one of Mark Twain below. Did you notice he is holding a cute kitty? No record of the kitty's name, sadly.

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Credit: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of John Seelye

You can head on over to the Smithsonian to grab your own higher resolution copy, or download the one I doctored up a bit below. I lightened it up and modified the color slightly to make it more printer-friendly. There are also several sizes to choose from in the file.

While you're at the Smithsonian, take a look at some of their free public domain images -- there are thousands to choose from, and they're all free.

Use this for a book junk journal, reading journal printable or other author themed project.

Since this one has a lot of dark and light contrast, I recommend using presentation paper to print. While you can use cardstock or copy paper you will get better results on the finer paper for this one. This specialty paper is about the same cost as cardstock, but has a grain free, perfectly smooth surface, which makes it ideal for darker images or those that are very saturated. Find it here on Amazon; I've also seen it at Staples and Office Max.