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Farmhouse Matchbook Journals Free Printable

Make a matchbook journal or notepad small enough to slip into a pocket or a card, using this free farmhouse printable.

You’ll need the attached file, a sheet of cardstock to print on, a few paper lunch bags for pages, a glue stick and scissors.

Here’s how to make the farmhouse matchbook journal freebie:

1. Print the cover or template you want to use. Cut out around the edges. Note the images below show the steampunk matchbook set, assembly directions are the same for both sets.

2. Fold into a matchbook shape using the lines and shading on the designs as a guide. One side will be longer than the other because of the flap.

3. Cut the paper bag into strips slightly narrower than the cover. Glue several strips together to form one long piece.

Accordion fold this strip into squares. These will be the pages. If you prefer, you can also cut individual squares from the bags, using the page pattern.

Staple, glue or stitch the pages together on one side. Glue into the matchbook, then fold op the bottom flap and glue into place. Leave a small unglued portion at the top of the flap so you can slide the cover front inside to close. Decorate the pages or use for notes.

Find matchbook cover files for the farmhouse style in the free subscriber library, found here. There is also a plain template so you can use any decorative paper you’d like.

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