Find Free Junk Journal Images Online: Wikimedia Commons

The internet is packed with free images for junk journaling, if you know where to look. I'm sharing a few of my favorite places over the next few days (I'm waiting for a new printer to come in so am somewhat grounded from creating!)

One of the richest sources for free clipart, photographs, illustrations, advertising and more is part of the Wikipedia group -- Wikimedia Commons. This resource is one of the largest in the world, boasting over 73 million free images and graphics as of today. While there is a ton to discover, it can be almost overwhelming at times to find what you need.

Wikimedia Commons and Usage Rights

If you're following along with my series "How to Make Money with Printables", you already know how important it is to use legally sourced images for your products. While you will eventually want to invest in stock photography or a subscription site like CreativeFabrica, sites like Wikimedia Commons provide plenty of free graphics to get you started.

A quick search:

I'm a sucker for vintage labels -- and sure enough, searching "vintage labels" produced some winners. I am not sure what "sheep dip" is but I downloaded that label for later use!