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FLASH FREEBIE 24 hours free fox mini journal kit

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Freebie ended *****

I needed a fun project that would both engage and teach a group, and this ended up being a just right mix of cute and challenging. I’m making it free today only, I figure a lot of us either need a cute distraction or a craft that is big kid friendly. My 12 year old had no trouble with this, and a slightly younger child can likely do it as well. For little kids, I suggest preassembling and leaving the pages blank for drawing or stickers.

Complete directions included:

I wanted this to be beginner friendly but still produce an impressive result. The directions include step by step details and lots of pictures:

Make the fox mini journal

You can find the complete kit and directions for this project here. It is free for everyone today but reverts to regular price at midnight. This and all other junk journal digikits and supplies are included free every day in the gold premium membership, learn more here.

Need vintage images and original art?

If you love junk journals and graphics, you'll love our subscription plan! New kits and images are added daily, but the last count was over 3000 in 135 packages or kits. The newest kits are included:

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