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Free Alice in Wonderland Printable -- Playing Cards

If you're part of the journaling community, then you know how much fun swaps and challenges are. This month (and for the next few weeks, I've joined a challenge that calls for using a bunch of different items, including royal face cards (King, Queen, Jack) in any suit. I decided to make my own, and used the classic Alice illustrations to do so.

You'll find the free printable Alice in Wonderland cards file a little further down the page -- don't use the photo below, it is not high resolution enough to print. You want the PDF a little further down to really get a good image :)

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This is a front and back of a set of royal face cards. I suggest either printing it twice and flipping the cards to be on the back of the reverse sides, or printing two copies and sticking them together.

I'm actually not sure how these will be used, so I have left mine plain cardstock. Depending on how they will be used in the challenge, I may coat them with wax or another sealer. (Packing tame, laminated, beeswax, sealing spray etc will all work).

Don't try to save the image above, grab the full resolution PDF here to make sure your cards print out with all the little details intact. Enjoy!

Face cards
Download PDF • 9.43MB

What Type of Cardstock is Best for Printables?

Cardstock comes in different weights -- the one I like best for dimensional projects like this one is 11o lb. It is a little heavier than the 90 lb and holds folds really well. The one I use is below, but any 110 lb paper is a good choice. The reason I like this brand is I can get a pack of 250 sheets for under $10 -- the HP paper is the same quality but $14 for 250 sheets :)

If you don't have cardstock, then you can glue two pieces of regular paper together after printing, just smooth it out really well and make sure it is completely dry.

Make the Free Alice in Wonderland Printable White Rabbit

  1. Download and print the free file onto heavy cardstock.

  2. Cut out each piece. Use the circle as a pattern to cut a piece of cardboard for the base. A recycled cereal box is just the right weight for this project.

3. Place the rabbit pieces back to back and glue togther. trim the edges if needed and add a little age with a stamp pad or marker if you'd like. This is a good time to dress this critter as well, because it will get more difficult if he is standing up.

Cut out the circle base, then use it as a pattern to cut a circle from cardboard. Add 3-4 coins between the cardboard and paper and glue together. Let dry, then cut slits for the feet and insert. Cover the base with one more piece of cardstock if you like, or with a thin piece of felt. I left mine plain, as it won't show when the White Rabbit is in use (he is going into a paper theater project, coming soon)

If you are a subscriber, you'll find the free Alice in Wonderland printable here, in the password protected library.

If you are not yet a subscriber, sign up now -- it's free -- using the link below to grab your free Alice printable. You'll find the white rabbit and dozens of other premium printables waiting for you.

Want more free Alice in Wonderland Printables?

Find the pocket treasure box here:

The free file is in the subscriber library; if you are already a member, it is waiting for you in your files. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up free here for immediate access.

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Thank you for the 'playing cards'! How whimsical and cute. I need to print these off ASAP and add to a journal or LO. Cheers! :)

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