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Free Christmas Cats Cards Altered Vintage Ephemera

I’ve been saving these cute cat images for a while,mand finally realized they are perfect for some small ornaments…but they were a pretty but Eastery shade of blue. I cleaned them up and made them a little more festive, the result is below, in several sizes so you can use in your own projects.

Don’t right click the images, they are not high resolution, instead grab a file containing them all at the end of the post. Note we are Amazon affiliates and if you make a purchase after clicking a link, may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Here’s a look at one of the originals. It is cute but once printed, has a lot of issues. Both the background and the cat are very shallow yellow, and that just gets worse when it is printed. The bow and border are blue, and I want them to be more festive.

The yellow tone makes this kitty look like she needs a bath…

Cleaning Up the Vintage Image

What does this mean exactly? live already identified two key issues, both with the color, it is also a little blurry, I think the quality can be improved. The difference here is mainly a color swap, so I’m sharing an image below that has been cleaned and sharpened so you can see the difference:

Changes made include sharpening the image, boosting contrast and adjusting the color.

Small changes make a big difference, particularly when it comes to cabinet cards and images of people. The lady above is in the forthcoming Sleeping Beauty Set and in the Sea Witch set, as shown here:

Without those changes, this would be a blurry mess, and would not print well at all.

Sorry for the watermark, people have listed this on Etsy or their own site three times since it launched last week, so I had to add the watermark.

Back to the cats!

Free Vintage Christmas Cats

Here’s the kitties after a digital bath, and I added some holly and poinsettia flowers,

too. I picked the red and green border colors from the flowers, so they match:

There’s also a few smaller sizes, for more versatility.

Reminder, you may use these images in and printed item you have for sale, you just can’t share or sell the images. If you like these, you might also like this set of Christmas cats (even if you already have the set from the shop, you’ll need the download below, these new kitties are not included.)

Christmas Cat Ephemera Download

Just click the photo below for your free Christmas cats download, it should begin automatically and contains all sizes shown of both images.

Get More Free Christmas

Or cats..or both! I've linked a few recent posts below -- each has free cats or free Christmas ephemera for your journal.

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