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Free Christmas Craft Printable Project: Week 10

If you’re anything like me, this week has been all about presents, buying, wrapping and labeling! I’m hoping to make the labeling part easier for you with these sweet shabby Christmas labels. Print them on sticker paper, cut them out and just stick into place. Heres a look at the free Christmas labels set:

Note we are Amazon affiliates and may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking a page link. I only share or recommend products I actually own, use and love.

I did some traveling this week and while it was not my primary destination, had time to visit the biggest mall in the Carolinas, South Park Mall. I’m not a mall person, but wow! Lush, Morphe, Nordstrom and dozens of other cool shops were so much fun to visit. I have a ton of gifts to wrap and used these fast and easy labels with a soft white Japanese rice paper for a sweet and shabby look. The paper is actually for calligraphy and has a gorgeous texture:

I buy a huge pileof it maybe twice a year, because it is versatile, and you can even run it through the printer. Find it here on Amazon.

Free Printable Christmas Label Details

Here’s a closer look at the tree labels:

These perfectly match the printable shabby envelope set shown here:


I print these on sticker paper,I buy in bulk from Amazon, it is way less expensive than the craft store and the paper is the same. I paid $10 for 10 sheets in the craft store, then discovered I could get 100 sheets of the same quality paper for about $13 total on AMAZON…here’s the one I buy, but prices fluctuate so grab a cheaper set of you see one, they’re all pretty much the same.

The second free printable Christmas gift label sheet has sweet angels, these also match the Other shabby pink Christmas items in the shop.

They go particularly well with this set:

I suggest printing a sample page to make sure you like the color and scale. This is a pdf, so you can modify the size of the whole thing (and keep the same scale) by selecting a smaller percentage in the print selection window. I would not go below 80 percent as I believe the labels would become too small to be useful.

Click the link below to get your free printable Christmas gift labels:

Shabby labels
Download PDF • 17.70MB

The free printable Christmas gift labels are part of a series, you can find details about the free 12 Weeks of Christmas series below, or just hit the 12 weeks tag at the end of this post to bring up the previous projects, including the banner below.

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This is part of the 12 weeks of Christmas series, you’ll find the other products below.

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About this series: If you want to relax and enjoy the holidays but still have plenty of handcrafted loveliness to enjoy, it’s time to get started! In this new series, we will tackle a different project each week. Complete the project and stash it until you’re ready to use it. By December, you’ll have a go to pile of ornaments, small gifts, tags and more, ready to use and enjoy. Find other weeks here:

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