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Free Christmas Craft Printable Project: Week 6

It doesn’t feel like I’m starting too early now! Thanksgivingis just around the corner, with Christmas showing up about 5 minutes after the last of the leftovers is gone. From this week on, you’ll get two projects a week, including my favorite, an easy but impressive advent calendar.

This week‘s project is a full sized paper fan, to add to the mantle, tree or anywhere you need some vintage Christmas charm.

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It looks complex, but this is a straightforward print and cut project.

This project began as a mistake, I was trying to make Christmas ornaments based on the 12 days of Christmas, then realized their odd shape made them more suited to being a fan. I actually prefer them in fan for, but they can certainly still be ornaments, just add a hole and a little glitter and you’ve got half a tree’s worth!

These are great for the Christmas table, or for accenting wrapped gifts as well.

Supplies for the Free Printable Christmas Fan

Heavy Cardstock (I like this 110 lb one)


Crop o Dile eyelet setter


Bakers Twine

2” crochet medallion (optional, mine is vintage)

Printable Christmas Fan Card Directions

Print the free Christmas Fan file onto heavy card stock. There are 4 pages in all.

Cut out the pieces. They’re big enough to cut quickly by hand, but the pages do have a white background if you prefer to run through the Cricut instead. I cheated and had my 9 year old do it, she loves papercrafting ;)

a side note, have you noticed the sheer number of BIRDS in this song? I really hope the recipient had a stable or something, cause I’m counting 23 birds, some of which (geese) are pretty mean….

Put the fan pieces in order from day 1-12.

Assemble the Printable Christmas Fan

Divide the fan pieces into 2 piles, 1-6 and 7-12. Make sure the piles are in order, from lowest to highest number.

Even the pile edges, then punch a hole through the green medallion on each stack.

Assemble the Christmas Fan Printanble

I’ve added a grommet to each stack, this allows you to fan out the pupieces and holds them in place.

I’ve used the crop o dile to set the grommets. I resisted buying this handy gadget for a long time, but I kept destroying the projects I was trying to set eyelets in with a manual tool and hammer. Folks from my favorite Facebook group (Junk Journaling For Everyone, do check it out!) overwhelmingly recommended the crop a dile and I’m now hooked.

Here’s one I have:

This was a major source of frustration, as I kept mangling partially finished pieces. Here’s how easy it is. First, punch the holes where you want the grommets to go. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to discover the tool has built in hole punches. (No, I did not read the directions, and obviously should have!) anyway, insert a grommet into each stack, then add the backing, and squeeze it together with the tool.

You’ll end up with 2 fans, which you can display separately if you like:

This is a nice way to display the piece symmetrically and see all the images.

Or assemble the 2 piles together. Stack them with Day 1 on top, then tie waxed cord or bakers twine through the holes, using a simple larks head knot. I glued a vintage crochet medallion over mine, but a fancy button or a big bow would work as well.

Grab the Free Christmas Printable Files

Click the photo below to find the free file, just add to your cart and check out for 0.00.

More Free Printable Christmas Crafts

Find the earlier projects in this series, each one is designed to make preparing for Christmas a fun and easy process.

About this series: If you want to relax and enjoy the holidays but still have plenty of handcrafted loveliness to enjoy, it’s time to get started! In this new series, we will tackle a different project each week. Complete the project and stash it until you’re ready to use it. By December, you’ll have a go to pile of ornaments, small gifts, tags and more, ready to use and enjoy. Find other weeks here:

Week 1: Gift Tag Sets Week 2: Mini Journal Sets Week 3: Christmas Party Hats in 2 Colors Week 4: Vintage Night Before Christmas Graphics in 3 sizes Week 5: Inspirational tags Thanks for following along, and please tag me if you make something with one of these items, I love seeing how creative you all are!

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