Free Christmas Craft Printable Project: Week 7/8

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me….the beginning of a huge pile of birds! I never realized how many birds were on this particular gift list until I made a page for each one!

This weeks project is a set of 12 Days of Christmas Junk journal Pages. Warning and apologies here, the file is HUGE. I love high res images it shows in this one! Originally. broke this into two sets but then realized you might want to see them all before starting a project.

Premium plan members will find a few extra page options, just check the members section for the extras!

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Here’s a closer look at the partridge in a pear tree:

Each Day of the 12 Days of Christmas junk journal has its own page, use in a journal, as cards, tags or anyway you’d like. This is part of an ongoing series to help you prepare for Christmas and complete Christmas decorations and projects before the holiday rush. This is my favorite set so far, and I’m highlighting some of the pages I like best below.

12 Days of Christmas Junk Journal Freebie

If you like birds, you’re gonna love this kit! Even the geese look less murderous than usual!