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Free Ephemera French Advertising

I have a few old magazines in French that I purchased mainly for the fashion images, but the ads are fascinating. These all come from a familiar company, now called Nestle. Before the cookies and baby formula, the brand sold canned milk, and advertised in some interesting ways.

This is from a scrapbook of 1870s papers and ads, and makes a little can of milk with 2 dogs, apparently the dogs want the milk! You can download a high resolution version below, and I suggest printing on heavy card stock so it stands up well.

Nestle dogs
Download PDF • 5.74MB

I have a few other ads from the same brand, all are pre 1900 and public domain, I’ve added files below. This one is double sided and is a package insert. Both the front and back are included, though if you print the front on heavy card stock that should be enough to ensure the doll is stable and sturdy.

and the back; at First I thought this was a chocolate or candy insert, but a closer look says it’s for digestive upset, particularly for children and seniors.

Nestle dolls
Download PDF • 4.91MB

This one is in English, with an 1900 version of an info graphic on the right and wrong way to care for a baby…note the wrong baby using a garden hose as a bottle and playing with a hammer and nails!

grab printable copies of the paper cutout pieces here, and happy scrapping!


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