Free Fairy Graphics -- Old French Flower Fairy Graphics (1866)

This beautiful fairy is part of a collection of images I'll be sharing both in the blog and in the shop. They are from a book of painted flower fairies dated 1866. Each fairy is modeled after a different flower and has many of the symbols associated with that flower surrounding her.

These are unusual because the fairies are more fierce and aloof than cute -- and the artwork is stunning. Don't right click to save, there's a free download waiting for you below.

I've used images from this book to make some fairy tags for the shop as well, you'll find a link to these below, too.

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This flower is Jasmin, and I've surrounded her with a simple matching frame. There are three sizes here so you can pick the one you like best.

I used fairies from this same book for this collection of journal cards -- note Jasmin is not included in the set, so you'll still want to download the freebie, even if you get the set :)

If you like these flower fairies, don't miss the linked posts below, which lead to English flower fairies from a slightly later era.

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