Free Faux Postage Stamps DIY

This DIY faux postage set makes it easy to create your own faux postage for junk journals and collage. There are two different ways to use the included files. You can make postage using your own stamps and art supplies, or you can render a digital set.

Here's a closer look at the free diy postage stamps set:

How to make Faux Postage Stamps

Start by downloading the file, just click the button below.Don't right click to save, it will only give you a small resolution file.

How to Make Faux Postage with Stamps

Open and print the PDF file. It is already sized to fit 8.5 x 11” paper, but you can use “print to fit” for A4 paper. Print on sticker paper or card stock, then use stamps, bits of collage paper and other elements to decorate.

How to Make Faux Postage with Canva

Open the jpeg file. Use the upload feature to load into Canva; save as a template if you’d like. Use Canva’s free and premium library to add images to each stamp. Choose graphics that are not overly detailed, stamps are small and fine detail won’t show up,

How to Make Faux Postage with Procreate