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Free Faux Postage Stamps DIY -- Revisited!

Last week I shared a set of pre-printed postage stamps that you could make in one of two ways -- either print them out and decorate them or work with them digitally in a program like Procreate. This week, I can share a peek at the stamps finished two different ways -- the same background and design yielded totally different results!

Make Faux Postage Stamps by Hand

You're not only going to want to watch this segment, you'll want to follow Journaling by Jamie on YouTube, too! She has a knack for breaking things down and making them easy -- even though the finished results look amazing and complex.

Here's how she made a full sheet of faux postage from this free printable -- and each stamp is unique! She even used deckled scissors to make the edges authentic, take a look:

You can see more of her work here -- I made the layered snippet circles shown below this week using her speedy tutorial, and have already used them in a journal:

Making Faux Postage with a Computer or Tablet

My go-to is definitely the iPad, with Procreate, but any editing software will work. PicMonkey, Canva and Photoshop can all be used for this project.

Then I used the selection tool to pick each box one by one, then filled it with a different piece of scanned ephemera, original art or public domain image. You don't have to be particularly careful with this -- every image I picked was already in my recently used images folder, so I just used what I had :) Here is the sheet about halfway through:

Add a different image to each box -- I started by adding some different textured backgrounds for some, then just put transparent PNG files on top. Here's my finished sheet:

I printed these out onto sticker paper then followed Jamie's lead and cut them with deckled stickers. If I had planned ahead, this was also a really ideal project for the Cricut, but I was in a hurry to see them printed up so I skipped it.

Faux Postage Stamps by Hand or Computer?


I really love the finished look of Jamie's stamps -- they look like little pieces of art to me! I am going to try some using her technique soon. I enjoyed making these digitally as well, with the main advantage being that I can print them out again and again -- or share the finished file....which is exactly what I've done below!

Free Faux Postage Stamp Printable

I can't share the hand made ones, but I can share the completed faux postage stamps (my version, anyway. Just click the image or the button below to download a high resolution PDF of this completed project -- but I definitely urge you to make your own as well.

Want to make your own faux postage stamps instead? Here's a quick link to the blank set:

Faux Postage Supplies and Images:

Scissors for Faux Postage

I'm not cutting out those tiny scallops! There are two ways to make them look like postage without resorting to an xacto knife. Either cut the square, then go around the edge with a small hole punch (boring but effective) or use a pair of deckle or scallop scissors -- the ones I have are here on Amazon:

They're for kids, but the red pair was perfect for this purpose. If I used them more often I'd probably buy better ones, but these are less than $10 for all 6 of them, so it was worth it.

Stamp Images: Finding Images for Faux Postage

If you are going to do your stamps using digital media, free art is the way to go! A few of my favorite sites for free graphics suitable for this project include Wikimedia Commons, RawPixel and Unsplash.

Need vintage images and original art?

If you love junk journals and graphics, you'll love our subscription plan! New kits and images are added daily, but the last count was over 3000 in 135 packages or kits. The newest kits are included and they focus on Christmas!:

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