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Free Junk Journal Printables Vintage Roses Cigar Box

I think cigars are kind of stinky, but boy do I love the boxes! This one has a hidden treasure inside, this gorgeous rose label!

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Vintage Roses Free Junk Journal Printable

This piece is from 1902, and even though the box was damaged, the graphics were intact.

Where to find vintage cigar boxes for crafting

When I get to the beach, I head to one or both tobacco shops near our place, they save the most interesting ones for me :) But I’ve also found them in other places, the most surprising one was Amazon! I am about halfway through the pile of 10 boxes I received ( 3 were vintage, the rest newer). This is not my set, but the one from the selling page, the mix I got was the same quality or better. I guess Amazon really does have everything!

Printable Cigar Box Roses Label

Here’s the printable file, just click the button to instantly download your free roses ephemera.

More Free Junk Journal Flowers

I recently shared a huge bunch of violet ephemera, I’m still finding vintage postcards with violets! I’m saving some of them for upcoming holidays (they have holiday imagery or messaging) but added a bunch of them to both epithet junk jourbpnal blog and the shop. There is no duplication, so if you need flower ephemera for a junk journal and love violets, check out both collections!

Next, this premium collection of violet ephemera. Most of these are from my own collection and can’t be found anywhere else online. Dates range from 1848 to 1913 and commercial use is permitted.


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