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Free Magpie Printable (with hat)

Bird free printable ahead!

I combined a few public domain images and one of my own scans into this cute magpie gentleman wearing a hat. I used him as a tag, but you could print in either side and use him anywhere you need a little dapper fun.

If you prefer your birds a little less fancy, you may like the magpie here -- he is on an advertising card for Arm and Hammer from 1908. This card is part of my personal collection. The brand has been around for almost 150 years (I don't work for them, I just like research :) The original brand name was Church & Dwight.

There are other bird cards in this collection; I have a red bird (cardinal? ) floating around somewhere as well. The cards were produced starting in the late 1800s, and continued well into the 20th century. Laura's Birding Blog has some really interesting detail about the production of these cards (which began when people were eating song birds and wild birds like passenger pigeons). You can see her wonderful flickr stream here, which features many different cards from 1888 to 1075.

Like many advertising promotions, the bird cards were both useful and collectible and many survive today, particularly those published after 1900. If you spot one in the wild, know you have a lovely addition to your junk journal with a delightful history. This initiative was one of the first to attempt to conserve and protect vanishing species.

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