Free Memorial Day Bingo Printable

I made these fun vintage style Bingo cards in two styles -- one has vintage Victorian scrap with patriotic images, the other is more plain. These print out 4 to a page but the size can be modified as needed. Don't save the image -- instead, download the high resolution file, that will provide much better print quality.

If you are already a subscriber, then these are in the free library, found here. If you are not, then it is fast and easy (and free!) to sign up for access.


Click Here to register and get the password for the free library -- and to download your own high resolution copy of the bingo file.

I've used these to attach to gifts and in a junk journal -- for gift tags, I used a heavy duty watercolor paper (this will go into the printer, you may have to trim it to 8.5 x 11 to fit. =)

You can also use regular cardstock or even copy paper to print this out, depending on your needs.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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