Free Mother’s Day Printable Jane Austen Box

Mother’s Day is almost here and while Amazon is working on getting my mom her gift (a cart for the garden, shhh), I wanted to make something pretty too. My mom loves books and Jane Austen is her favorite author, so this was an easy thing to pull together!

This little box is the perfect size to hold a vintage cameo, folded note or other small treasures. It is made from a single sheet of card stock and assembles quickly. You’ll need the free printable file, a piece of this cardboard, scissors and a glue stick to put it together.

Make the Mother’s Day Printable Box

  1. Download and print the free file onto heavy cardstock.

  2. Cut out each piece. Use the pink square as a pattern to cut a piece of cardboard for the base of the box. A recycled cereal box is just the right weight for this project.