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Free Printable Absinthe Mini Journals

I’ve got some fresh and free absinthe printables for you today! These make up very quickly, and are idea for adding to a journal pocket or using along. You’ll need a few supplies to make these, but everything you need for the covers is included.

Don’t save the above image, instead keep scrolling for free full size absinthe printables.

Free Absinthe Mini Journals

I love the cool greens and purples of early absinthe ads, and used them yo make the junk journal pack below. You don’t need it to make this project, but if you enjoy the color scheme you’ll find it in the shop here.

Let‘s Make the Free Absinthe Mini Journals!

First, download the free absinthe printables file at the end of this post. Next, print the covers and liners. Each cover page makes one mini journal.

you’ll need the following supplies:



awl or poking thing



Once you’ve printed the pages, cut out a cover and pocket strip

Fold the cover in half, I added a row of faux stitching to make it easy to fold evenly. I like rounded edges so I used this nifty little corner cutter to trim them, but you don’t have to ;)

next, unfold and lay the pocket strip with the right side facing up. Glue just the outer edges, the center will get stitched into place. It’s deliberately a little larger than the cover so you don’t have to get it in there perfectly, you can trim the edges later.

cut 4-6 pieces of lined or unlined paper just a wee bit shorter than the cover and fold in half. We will trim them at the end, so no worries if they extend past the cover.

Next use an awl or large needle to poke holes right down the center. I used 5. We will sew these pages into place using the saddle stitch. I’ve done a detailed tutorial of this method here, but also snapped some photos below. If you can sew a button, you can do this!

Celebrate! You’re almost done! Just trim those overhanging edges and use as you’d like.

Here are the finished journals, you’re getting workspace photos today instead of beauty shots, but sometimes crafting gets messy!

Free absinthe printables are here! You are welcome to sell items made from these printables but don’t sell the files themselves, thank you.

Just click to download and enjoy!

Absinthe mini journals
Download PDF • 14.79MB

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Gila Macdonald
Gila Macdonald
Mar 29, 2022

Thank you so much for your amazing printables, and for accepting me to your family.


Tora Geirs
Tora Geirs
Mar 28, 2022

Thank you these look really nice.

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