Free Printable Envelope Templates

I don't know why I am so fascinated by envelopes, but I am -- they make their way into every project I do! These were made from a lovely kids book -- a newer version of the Wizard of Oz. It had heavy paper and charming illustrations but the cover was damaged, so it got new life as a set of yellow brick road themed envelopes.

These are fast and easy to make -- I created a template from cardboard (there are some free templates waiting for you below -- and then positioned it on the pages.

This particular book is oversized, at 12x15" there is a lot of room to position an envelope. I'd recommend using the see through template plastic used by quilters if you have it -- I did not, so cardboard and guesswork was the order of the day!

The book made 16 envelopes in total, and the covers were damaged, so I saved them to create smaller journals. No waste!

Here's a look at the bunch:

If you do not have a book you wish to cut up -- mine was rescued from the trash - I have created some printable cash and journaling envelopes as well -- they're uploading over the next few days -- the animal print ones shown here are just one version. Like all kits and downloads, these are free for premium members.