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Free Project Series : The 12 Weeks of Christmas Week 2

This free Christmas printable craft is a cute mini journal that can slip into a pocket or purse, or go into a larger junk journal pocket or signature. There are actually 2 journals to make, one for you and one for a friend. If you make them both at the same time, you can use the same supplies and make the pair in just a tiny bit more time than it takes to make one.

Here‘s a look at the finished project, a full tutorial and the free Christmas craft printable are below.

About this series:If you want to relax and enjoy the holidays but still have plenty of handcrafted loveliness to enjoy, it’s time to get started! In this new series, we will tackle a different project each week. Complete the project and stash it until you’re ready to use it. By December, you’ll have a go to pile of ornaments, small gifts, tags and more, ready to use and enjoy. Find other weeks here: Week 1: Gift Tag Sets

Week 2 features a pair of mini Christmas junk journals with a fresh and lively color scheme. You can also find this style in the shop in the popular pink Christmas style if you want more options:

These are super easy to make. I left the background white for those with Cricuts or similar cutting machines, just load into DesignSpace and use the print and cut setting.

Free Christmas Printable Mini Journal Supplies

Cardstock (This 110lb one is my favorite) 10 sheets copy or lined paper


double stick tape and glue

Waxed twine*


big needle*

bone folder*

Counter rounder (optional)

*the bookbinding supplies are all from this starter set, which also includes a heavy metal ruler and other goodies.See it on Amazon here, it is my favorite starter set.

note:we are Amazon associates and may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you click a link then make a purchase.

Make the Free Christmas Junk Journals

Download the free Christmas craft printable, it includes the following pages.

Print the pages out onto heavy card stock. I use the 110 pound, which is nice and sturdy, I linked the one I use (and buy by the case!) above, but any matte white card stock will work. For the covers, print the gingham background pages out first, then flip and print a cover sheet on each. You should have 2 2 sided pages. Print the remaining pieces on one side of card stock, these do not need backing papers.

Pink Christmas craft printables

Cut out the covers. You should have 2 deer and 2 Santa covers. Use a corner rounder on the edges if you like.

Pair the covers up. One book has the deer on the outside and Santa on the inside, the second is the opposite.

Make a Pocket

Add pockets to the pages before assembly, it is easier to do while every piece is separate:

Add pages to the Christmas Mini Journal

Stack 5 sheets of your chosen filler paper together , then cut to fit inside the journal. I use the metal ruler to tear the paper into strips, the fold in half and trim the side edges. You can also use scissors, I just like the speed and convenience of using the ruler.

First I put the paper inside the cover to get the right height, then I tore across using the ruler to get a straight edge.

You should cut 2 sets of pages per book.

Stack the pages inside the cover and inner signature as shown:

Stack neatly with the folds aligned and the papers centered.

Assemble the Free Christmas Junk Journal

This project is assembled using a saddle stitch through all layers as shown. You can see a full, step by step tutorial for this stitch here, but I’ve shared the basics below as well.

Make the little cards and envelopes:

Embellish the Mini Journals

Add cutouts, tags and more to the individual journals, then close and secure with a clip or under a heavy book to flatten if needed.

Free Christmas Junk Journal Craft Notes

I use sticker paper for the embellishments, just print and cut as usual, but you won’t have to use glue, just stick in place.

Add these to a gift or a larger journal as an insert, or use for Christmas shopping planning.

These match upcoming projects in this series, a light pink version of the same project can be found in the shop.

Free Christmas Junk Journal Files

I‘ve added the free Christmas junk journal printable to Christmas section of the shop -- it has a lot of parts and was too big for this page or the free library. Find it here, or click the image below.

Update, you’ll also need the green gingham paper below to complete this project, I was accidentally left out of the main download.

Download PDF • 7.91MB

Look for more of this series in the weeks to come. I ended up with 16 planned projects, so there will be plenty to make and do!

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