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Free Project Series : The 12 Weeks of Christmas Week 3

Get ready to party! These festive Christmas hats are super easy to make, and the shapes are simple to cut out. If you have kids that want to help, this large, curvy shape is good practice for fine tuning cutting skills. You can leave your hats plain or add a ruffle (which of course I did!) My ruffles are crepe paper for a matte finish, vintage look. Metallic garland, tinsel and other fun trims would work as well.

Learn how to make these festive toppers and grab the full free Christmas craft printable below.

And because not everyone loves bright, a pale pink version as well:

About this series:If you want to relax and enjoy the holidays but still have plenty of handcrafted loveliness to enjoy, it’s time to get started! In this new series, we will tackle a different project each week. Complete the project and stash it until you’re ready to use it. By December, you’ll have a go to pile of ornaments, small gifts, tags and more, ready to use and enjoy. Find other weeks here: Week 1: Gift Tag Sets

Week 3 Christmas Printable Crafts Series

This week‘s Christmas crafts printable is big enough to wear, but small enough to display. I’m putting mine on the mantle, once my kids stop trying to convince the cat to wear one. (He is not onboard for this and has wisely retreated under a bed)…

These are super easy to make. I left the background white for those with Cricuts or similar cutting machines, just load into DesignSpace and use the print and cut setting. There are 6 designs in all, 3 light and 3 bright.

Free Christmas Printable Hats Supplies

Cardstock (This 110lb one is my favorite) 1 sheet of card stock per hat


double stick tape

Waxed twine or bakers twine

big needle

Crepe paper roll or your preferred trim

About crepe paper: I bought a set in different colors and it seems to be lasting forever. I lucked out and found several rolls in the mix that matched these!

note:we are Amazon associates and may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you click a link then make a purchase.

You can use crepe paper from the dollar or party store but that is a little wider and shinier, so the result will be a little different. You’ll see these again in this series, I’m enjoying the matte finish and versatility!

Make the Free Christmas Printable Party Hats

Download the free Christmas craft printable, it includes the following pages. It is a big file, so it’s in the shop (it’s free, though). There is a set of printable directions in there too, just in case.

Print the pages out onto heavy card stock. I use the 110 pound, which is nice and sturdy, I linked the one I use (and buy by the case!) above, but any matte white card stock will work. You’ll need one per hat. Cut them out.

Roll into a cone with a pointy top, then secure with tape.

Make the Trim

You can use a different trim, just attach in the same place. For this trim, choose a crepe paper roll and unroll a shout 4 feet. Thread the needle with 2 ft of twine and take big stitches down the center. They should be about a half inch long.

Pink Christmas craft printables

Gently gather as you go, this does not have to be perfect.

When the gathered piece is big enough to fit around the hat, crumple it up a bit to give it a textured look:

Add the trim

Use double stick tape to attach the trim around the hat base. If you just stick the paper to the hat and don’t catch the twine, it’s easy to pull the twine out at the end. i chose a tribe that contrasted with the trim so you could see it better, I just pulled it out once the trim was stuck in place.

You don’t have to be precise, just smash it on there…

Wear or display your hats

Take the trim all the way around, then pull out the string (if yours matches, you can leave it in place.

Free Christmas Junk Journal Craft Notes

Use the hats as us or decorate with ephemera, glitter and trims. You can even personalize them for each person. Decorate the hat while it is flat, it’s a lot easier to handle.

If you want a more lasting hat, laminate with a lightweight film, these Halloween hats use the same pattern and directions, they just have different patterns:

These match upcoming projects in this series, a light pink version of the same project can be found in the shop. We‘ll be using crepe paper again in white, red and green for a cute kids stocking stuffer, if you want to plan ahead.

Free Christmas party hat Files

I‘ve added the free Christmas junk journal printable to Christmas section of the shop -- it has a lot of parts and was too big for this page or the free library. Find it here, or click the image below.

Look for more of this series in the weeks to come. I ended up with 16 planned projects, so there will be plenty to make and do!

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Best Party Hats, ever! :D

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