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Free Vintage Baby Shower Images and Cards

These sweet vintage baby shower images are the perfect addition to a card or journal. Each has been cleaned and modified to better suit a home printer. I love the color schemes used in these and the floral umbrellas would be nice to isolate as well

Don’t right click the images, they are not high resolution, instead grab a file containing them all at the end of the post. Note we are Amazon affiliates and if you make a purchase after clicking a link, may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

This sweet vintage baby shower card features bluebirds with little umbrellas and a house:

Keeping the umbrella theme, this one is a 1920s wedding shower card:

Reminder, you may use these images in and printed item you have for sale, you just can’t share or sell the images.Here are literal wedding bells, On a vintage wedding shower card dated 1921.

Copyright free Baby Shower Images

if you need more copyright free baby shower images for commercial use, creativefabrica has some nice ones. i Used a few elements from this set in a forthcoming kit, there’s a boy version as well:

Another vintage bridal shower card, this one is a lovely pink:

A cute vintage cherub card, keeping the shower theme :

One more set of wedding bells. This one is a direct scan, I’ll add a new version when I clean it up, but wanted to include it in the group,


If you love junk journals and graphics, you'll love our subscription plan! New kits and images are added daily, but the last count was over 3000 in 160+ packages or kits. The newest kits are included:

Grab the half sheets here, just click to download.

Vintage baby shower ephemera

Here is the file with jpg images of the above vintage wedding shower cards, just download and unzip.

vintage shower cards
Download ZIP • 1.15MB

I hope you find these vintage baby shower ephemera images useful! I’d love to see what you make with them! I’ve linked a few other posts you might like below.

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Hi Samantha - just love those vintage baby shower cards ! thank you.

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