Free Vintage Botanicals for Junk Journaling

These lovely botanical images and plates are from a book from 1878, so you can use them however you like -- in journals for personal use or for sale. I've shared other images from this book before, so make sure you scroll to the end, I'll link them there. These are attached to this post in two styles -- jpegs you can print out in any size and a pdf will all files together for convenience. They are high resolution scans -- don't try to right click and save, the ones in the file will be a lot better!

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In most cases, I included 2 or more versions of the botanical graphics plate -- so you have a selection to choose from.

Free Vintage Flower Graphics Lily

I'm identifying this as a lily based on the shape and leaves -- I can't read the plate description due to paper damage -- educate me in the comments if I have it wrong!

More Vintage Flower Graphics for Junk Journals

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