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Free Vintage Circus Postcard Graphic

I think this is a circus graphic. I know it is vintage (it is dated 1880) and there are clowns. So performers? Vintage theater graphic? Anyway, whatever you call it, there is a high quality jpg version waiting for you to download!

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Free Vintage Circus Graphic Download

I cleaned this up a bit and repaired some damage -- the colors are adjusted as well. This should now print well on the average home printer.

"Vintage" Postcards from Amazon -- are they worth the money?

No vintage postcards -- or don't want to cut the ones you have? I've found a few good quality ones on Amazon -- you just have to get rid of the shiny, "I've just been printed" finish. Here's my favorite set so far (because of the mushrooms, naturally). These are not expensive and come 30 to a pack, so for pieces I want to use as bases, backs or that I want to experiment on, they work well.

I actually went after them with a little spray saline and denatured alcohol, this took the shiny finish off and made them look more authentic. I still like the real ones, but this is a very nice assortment and an amazing price.

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