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Free Vintage Ephemera Absinthe

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

I Am working on some absinthe related projects, and came across this 1894 advertising calendar. I’m tinting pretty much everything that particular shade of absinthe green, and this one doesn’t match…which I decided after taking time to edit and enhance it!

a few of the altered absinthe labels are shown below (and are in the shop)

Vintage absinthe advertising ephemera freebie:

The original has a vaguely green tone, which I think is supposed to make you think of absinthe, but instead makes these jolly fellows look jaundiced and ll. Not exactly the look you want if you’re selling food or alcohol!

Don’t right click to save, you’ll just get a blurry file. Instead, grab a crystal clear version free by clicking he file button includes both the originsl scan and my edited, slightly healthier looking version.

Download PDF • 5.11MB

You can find the absinthe labels in the shop here, they’re free for subscribers:


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