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Free Vintage Ephemera Bills and Receipts

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I'm still rummaging through a huge box of paper ephemera I purchased at an auction, and these cool old invoices and bills are part of the box. I love the old typography on the logos and the typewritten bills and info. This one is from a steel company in 1915, I've scanned the original then modified the color a bit to give you more options. Don't right click to save, there's a full download a little further down.

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Don’t try to download the picture, I’ve got a high resolution pdf for you instead, with several different sizes.

If you like these, you may also like the colorful ephemera kits in the shop, each features vintage bills, papers, ticket stubs and more -- here's a peek at my favorite, red!

Vintage Ephemera Letters and Bills

This set features a business letter on very thin paper from 100 years (plus!) ago. I'm surprised it survived! Take a look further down to see more free vintage bills and invoices.

You can get the high resolution pieces here:

Download PDF • 6.47MB

More Free Vintage Letters and Ephemera

You can find some other vintage bills and ephemera on the blog; I recolored these bookstore invoices to use for a project, and you can grab them in a rainbow of colors here:

You'll find some century old bills here, including one for a casket company! just click the photo below to go to the original post.

I’ve linked a few other posts with vintage freebies and projects below. Enjoy!

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