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Free Vintage Ephemera Royal Navy Alphabet

This little booklet from 1918 features the British Royal Navy, with lots of illustrations and an ABC theme. It’s not in great shape, but it is an interesting piece of British ephemera, with lots of character, so I figured I would share it. Don’t right click the images, they are not high resolution, instead grab a file containing them all at the end of the post.

Here’s a closer look at the cover, which is incident,y the most damaged part of the piece:

The interior pages are much better, though it took me a long time to realize this page hade C, D and E, I didn’t spot the E and kept looking for a missing page!

This is obviously from World War 1, based on the ships and terms. I just finished reading a book on the Lusitania (Dead Wake by Erik Larson, it was excellent), so I recognized many of the terms and images at once.

Submarines were very new at this time, or at least subs that ended up with survivable crews, apparently they sunk a lot, not mentioned here ;)

Heres a file with the full book, I think both the images and letters are useful for collage and junk journaling, used together or separately:

royal navy 1918
Download ZIP • 9.81MB

I’ve linked a few other odd bits of ephemera below, enjoy!


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