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Free Vintage Fox graphics Cutouts and Scene

I have an almost complete collection of these vintage fox hunt images. Each is designed to be cut out and then added to a scene or diorama.

I‘m missing a rider or two and the backdrop is long gone, so I made a new one from a public domain painting.

this piece is from wikimedia commons, and whilr it does not match my cards exactly, it is close enough to work with, i brightened up the colors to ensure it prints well.

Once I found the right backdrop, I needed to,are it stand up. A few minutes in procreate extended the ground so there was a way to place the smaller riders in the scene.

This page has the modified painting with a fold line to make it stand up.

Priny both pages on heavy card stock and cut out the figurea. Fold the tabs under so they stand up. Trim around the edges of the painting, then fol on the dotted line. Place the figures in the scene.

Get the vintage fox hunt graphics

If you already have access to my big library of freebies, a high resolution file with these up images is waiting for you.

if not, you can sign up for a free membership here and get immediate access to this and dozens of other free files.

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