Free Vintage Frogs Ephemera; 1890-1904

I’ve discovered a frog invasion! I pulled out frogs for an upcoming project and they just keep coming! Even after making a set of 29 frog ephemera pieces, I still keep finding more! I’ve reproduced these old, out of copyright frog ephemera pieces.

Huge Frog Ephemera Kit

If you’re working on a botanical, pond or witchy journal, you’ll love the full set of frog ephemera, shown here:

Even if you get the whole frog set, you’ll still need the freebies below, they are not included, as I found them after publishing the set!

The free frog ephemera sheet is shown below, and features each of the 4 designs in 3 sizes. Here’s a closer look:

Don’t right click to save, instead, download the entire set below. If you like these, you’ll also like the Toads and Mushrooms set, shown below. It’s packed with 30+ pages of layouts, pickets, tags and more: