Free Vintage Invoices and Bills Ephemera

I'm loving these old invoices and bills -- from the tissue thin paper to the crazy cost of things -- car repairs for under $2, grocery bills for under $5 -- for the store, not an individual buyer! The handwriting is amazing as well. The ones I am sharing today are from 1915, so over 100 years old. Don't right click to save, there's a full download a little further down.

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he original is the piece on top, I altered the color a little to make it more neutral on the one below -- they apparently sold coffee and pantry goods -- cheap!

Don’t try to download the picture, I’ve got a high resolution pdf for you instead, with several different sizes.

Vintage Ephemera Letters and Bills

The original invoices are very thin, and I think they were likely carbon copies, or attached to carbon, they have blackish marks on the back. I love the typography on this one!

You can get the high resolution pieces here:

Download PDF • 5.28MB

More Free Vintage Letters and Ephemera

You can find some other vintage bills and ephemera on the blog; I recolored these bookstore invoices to use for a project, and you can grab them in a rainbow of colors here: