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Free Vintage Junk Journal Tags Printable

Updated: May 25, 2021

If you sew or embroider, these free junk journal tags are likely familiar -- they are used to hold long strands of thread, floss or yarn. They work best with thin fibers, but if you print and attach to chipboard, they'll stand up to the heavier stuff. too.

Free Vintage Sewing Bits Download

These free thread bobbins are based on a piece from a 1911 magazine, which offered them as a pull out craft. I'm not entirely sure how the crafter was supposed to use them, really, because the paper is quite thin.

These have been scanned, cleaned and even given a dose of color (I used blue for my stitchery junk journal spread, shown here. Print onto cardstock for best results, and click on through for the full PDF, it is maximum resolution and has a white background.

If you have a Cricut or other cutter, these work beautifully with the print and cut option -- I use mine all the time to avoid cutting out little tiny curves and dips!

Download the Free Vintage Thread Spools Printable

Just click the image below to be taken to the free PDF. If you prefer, you can also find this piece in my growin.g Free Printables library, found here You may find some other useful pieces inside.

Using your Free Thread Bobbins Printable

You are welcome to use this in any personal project or project for sale, provided the piece you use is one you printed yourself. Please don't sell the digital file, they take forever to clean up and share with you! You can instead link to this page if you'd like, so the full resolution image can be downloaded.



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