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Free Vintage Maps of France

I love these old maps -- not only do they have amazing fonts and texture, the colors are perfect for an upcoming project as well. I'm working on a Marie Antoinette themed kit to drop this week -- and used several of these pastel pretties in the kit.

There were so many to choose from I wanted to share them with you as well, as I chose my two favorites for the kit, but had many others I liked as well. Scroll down to grab the freebies and I hope you find them useful. They are from a 1901 folio of maps and have been cleaned and optimized for your printer.

Marie Antoinette Tag Book

The new kit will join a few other French themed projects, including the Marie Antoinette Tag book that comes complete with a sliding, movable guillotine, shown here. Find it in the shop here -- and scroll down for more Francophile goodness.

Note: We are Amazon Affiliates, and if you make a purchase after clicking a link on this page, we will get a small commission.

Vintage Maps of France

This map is dated 1888 and has been translated into English; it shows the canals, railways and rivers of Paris.

Here's a pdf of the rivers and canals map, just click for an instant download.

france vintage 1
Download PDF • 5.67MB

Paris Metro Map Printable

I really love the colors in this vintage map of France -- lots of pink! It's beyond Marie Antoinette's time but I used it anyway, can't resist the confectionary like color palette!

Find the JPG for this one in a file at the end of this page, I combined several to make them easy to grab together.

1483 Map of France

While all the vintage French maps on this page are out of copyright, at 500 plus years old, this one is realllllyyyyy out of copyright! Grab a larger copy on Wikimedia commons, and I've included a printer friendly, cleaned up version in the file below.

Working Paper Guillotine Printable

Here is a quick demo of the guillotine - feedback from our design team crew and first users is mixed -- some loved it, some thought it was morbid or weird. I've included it for you to decide, along with complete directions for the book and moving parts. Here's a quick video of the guillotine:

An update a year later, 90 percent of the downloads for this project were with the guillotine, so I just kept that one in the shop to avoid confusion. Find it here.

Post Revolution Map of France

Speaking of the guillotine, this map is from after the French Revolution, dated 1789.

Here's a fast and easy download of this vintage map of France! This one is a very large file, so best downloaded onto a laptop or tablet.

1789 post revolution map
Download PDF • 32.52MB

Railways Map of France 1865

Put a copy of this one in your pocket. If you ever find yourself transported back in time, you'll navigate 1865 France like a pro. I do love the lines and printing/typography on this one!

Download a copy of the 1865 railways and roads map here.

france public works map 1865
Download PDF • 33.80MB

1 Map, 2 Files -- Bartholomew Atlas Map of France

This one is big -- so big it spans 2 pages of a large book! Both images are included below, and if you like maps, you can also find the book this came from online. It is a free, out of copyright download from Project Gutenberg, find it here and you'll have a treasure trove of maps to choose from! I've altered it slightly to make it more printer friendly, but it is otherwise intact.

and part 2, the southern section:

Download the pdfs here, no log in needed. Note these are both high resolution, large files so best downloaded onto a tablet or computer, your phone may reject them!

bartholomew france 1
Download PDF • 37.18MB

bartholomew france 2
Download PDF • 37.82MB

Vintage Food Map of France

The wine, the cheese, the! I am an awful cook but love and appreciate good ingredients and food! This gastro map of France features the foods of each region and is a lovely addition to any journal, too.

Find the .jpg for this in the file below.

I really enjoyed examining these old maps of France -- and hope you like them as well! you'll spot a few in the forthcoming Marie Antoinette Junk Journal kit too!

Here's the remaining maps that are not linked above, in jpg format, along with jpg versions of the PDFs as well, just in case!

France Map Set
Download ZIP • 7.75MB


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Fabulous Maps of France! :) Thanks so much.

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