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Free Vintage Moon Graphics Fairy Moon

This stunning illustration is part fairy, part moon and all awesome. I love how she is sprinkling stars from her hands! Here's a closer look:

This lovely illustration is in the public domain and perfect for cards, inserts, flaps and more, it goes particularly well with the Oddities series, linked below.

I'm working on a few more spooky pieces for Halloween and came across another moon graphic you might like. This one is not vintage but it is interesting and free! It is from Unsplash, and can be used personally or commercially without attribution -- but here is the photographer's info, just in case: Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Free vintage moon graphic download

Here is a PDF version of the moon fairy illustration shown -- it has a high resolution image in each of the sizes shown. Just click to download.

Fairy moon
Download PDF • 10.71MB

You can find other free vintage moon images here:

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